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    More and more people are switching to prepaid. We have innovative technical solutions for the prepaid market.
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    With our White Label solution, Peaches Group offers you a complete solution for your own prepaid cell phone upload service.
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    With headquarters in Wiesbaden and London the Peaches Group of companies offers an innovative prepaid service platform that is 100% developed in-house.
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The world is prepaid...

The core competence of Peaches Group is in the wireless Prepaid Services segment.

Due to the proprietary prepaid service platform Isoptera, Peaches Group operates not only as a technology company, but also as a provider of prepaid charging solutions.

Under the brand; prelado - prepaid anytime & anywhere - Peaches Group operates its own prepaid mobile topup platform for the consumer, via app, mobile web and the Internet in real time. The Peaches Group smartphone apps (Android, iOS & Windows Phone 8) offers users a free, vendor-neutral real-time credit display.

This innovative platform can be provided as White Label BASIC  and White Label PRO solutions for interest partners.

The Peaches Group includes the following companies, PEACHES Systems AG, PEACHES Mobile GmbH, PEACHES Mobile GmbH, REA Mobile GmbH and PEACHES Mobile Limited.


Peaches Group

Taunusstrasse 7a

65183 Wiesbaden

TEL +49 611 9458 580

United Kingdom
20 Hanover Square
London W1S 1JY
TEL + 44 20 3608 0503

MAIL service@peachesgroup.com



Wiesbaden, November 29,2014

mobil09 is now even easier and more flexible to top up

A SIM card that works at full throttle, mobil09 is the ideal product for ultimate Borussia Dortmund football fans. On top of up-to-the-minute content and a first-class range of tariffs with the best possible network coverage, mobil09 now boasts an ultra-fast top-up service that ensures customers never miss a thing

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Wiesbaden, September 23,2014

News just in from the UK: prelado goes British

Peaches AG has unveiled plans to launch its top-up platform prelado in the United Kingdom in December 2014.

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November 2014

MVNO Networking Congress 2014

03. - 05. November 2014
Thistle Marble Arch, London, UK

November 2014

MVNOs Industry Summit USA 2014

19. - 20. November 2014
Intercontinental, Dallas, USA